the world's first bland new beach ride that can be enjoyed everybody


Video NEWS
          1st test run at Apra beach on Jan.21 '23      (Tested only Mode 2, Normal power @4-8Knot wind)
  2nd test run at Apra beach on Feb.18'23     (Tested only Mode 2, High power @4-8Knot wind)   



Guwady Function

Guwady has Three different control mode.
  Mode1:  Tilt control
                 Rotation, Heading control  by body balance

  Mode2:  Magic remote controller mode
                  Heading / Rotation control by remote controller action

  Mode3:  Remote controller less mode
                 Rotation, Heading control, Speed control by body balance

Guwady has Two stage power pre setting

Target user
Everybody from 10 to 80

Guwady Specification

Guwady can only be enjoyed here on Guam in the world.

Comming soon at Guam Ocean Park / Apra beach (2023)

Guwady, developped by Dream Creation Lab.